To all the pupils, parents and carers and to the wider APC community, can I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year!
This has been a very busy term and our college is now near to capacity at most of our centres. Pupils have been working hard in adjusting and adapting to their new surroundings, getting acclimatised to working in the APC way and making progress in their learning.
My message is a short one for all to consider and reflect on during the school Christmas break:
We are a school that relies on team work. The key players to the team are our pupils and at APC we offer our pupils the opportunities to make important choices that will help them in their future. The future “door” is firmly open and we will assist the young people in our college to step into the future while leaving the past behind.
There isn’t another school in the county that allows young people to work individually on their skills and in small classroom settings. There isn’t another school in the county that never gives up on a young person, because we believe that eventually, positives will be achieved and progress will be made. The speed in which one makes progress is largely down to that young person, and the quicker they get on board and become a part of the team, the quicker the goals will be achieved.
With this in mind, we will be writing to you soon informing you of some non-negotiable negative behaviour that will not be tolerated at our college. We ask in advance that you, as parents and carers, support us so that we can achieve our common goal for the success of all of our young people and for the brightest of futures that lie ahead of them.
Happy Christmas
Doug Thomas