As we are all too fully aware, COVID19 virus is having an impact on our society and this includes our school.

In order to do “our bit” with combating the virus, please may I remind you to follow government advice in terms of the symptoms for COVID19 and that if your child has them, that they need to be self-isolating for a period of 7 days? This will not affect your child’s attendance record as it is an exceptional circumstance as we are living in exceptional times.

Some parent/carer non-emergency meetings will be postponed and your Centre lead will be in touch with you personally if this is the case.

As with your child, if any of our staff have symptoms relating to COVID19, they too will be asked to self-isolate.  This may cause us to look at specialised timetabling and contingences in the very near future if we were to have many staff come down with illness and we will inform you of any updates via your Centre’s leads so that you are kept up to date.

Thanking you all in advance for your understanding and also for you to support me in making sure that we do our part in beating this virus and to minimise its effect in the UK.

Doug Thomas

Head Teacher