Wishing the WSAPC community a very restful Easter holiday!

A very busy term for our pupils and especially for our year 11 learners who have been doing exams such as functional skills as well as getting ready for GCSEs. We wish them the very best of luck.

Pupils and staff have recently been through an OFSTED inspection in March and we are awaiting the publication of the report due out soon. I will keep you all posted as soon as the report is out but just to say that our pupils were magnificent throughout the inspection.

A quick reminder that in order for us to offer the very best curriculum and learning opportunities to our pupils, we need to have them attending regularly. Your assistance as parents and carers is crucial for us to deliver this. Please contact your child’s centre for assistance if you are having difficulty in getting your son/daughter to school.

Be safe and Happy Easter! See you all in the summer term. We are back on Monday 16th April, Doug Thomas.