The curriculum lead for Maths is Geoff Taylor

Maths Department Intent Statement

A strong foundation in Maths can translate into increased understanding of the world around us, as well as improved memory, better problem-solving skills and regulation of emotions. At APC we encourage our students to develop their skills in reasoning, analysis, collaboration and self-evaluation so that they can meet mathematical challenges with confidence and enthusiasm. We believe that every child can build on their understanding of mathematics when given the appropriate learning experiences and environment. Students attending APC will be supported through a personalised curriculum with the help of our experienced staff team. They will explore new approaches to essential skills in small, nurturing groups and through intervention sessions which move at the pace of the individual to identify gaps, address misconceptions and build on previous knowledge. Our curriculum map covers all key areas of the GCSE Maths curriculum, prioritising topics with common pitfalls. Students will also be regularly assessed on 10 key areas which APC staff have identified as prerequisite topics for accessing further content. Students will focus on these fundamental thresholds as a priority, building conceptual understanding, developing procedural fluency and inspiring confidence and self-belief to prepare them for their next steps

Learning Pathway Maths

Medical Learning Pathway Maths