WSAPC Primary setting looks to provide our pupils with a well-rounded and broad curriculum which assesses gaps in learning and provides consistent education by planning long term progression of knowledge and skills in the national curriculum subjects; English, Maths, Science, Computing, PSHE/RSE/RE and PE. The weekly timetable is complimented with enrichment activities designed to increase the self-confidence and awareness of our pupils and support them to regulate their behaviour in order to access mainstream or appropriate settings, and the wider world around them. In Primary we use half- termly topic webs that are adapted to individual or class academic and SEMH needs for each Key Stage, these topic webs are summarised in our overview learning pathways. The half- termly topic webs will provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all. Within the topic web we will also offer a variety of enrichment experiences and value creativity and learning within and beyond the classroom.

Here is a selection of our Curriculum Maps and Overview Documents:


Primary Pathway Writing Y6
Primary Pathway Writing Y5
Primary Pathway Writing Y4
Primary Pathway Writing Y3
Primary Pathway Writing Y2
Primary Pathway Writing Y1
English Skill Progression
Types of text_

Maths Autumn Overview

Primary Pathway Science

Primary Pathway Art

Primary Pathway Computing Y2

Curriculum maps PE:

Primary Pathway PE Yr1
Primary Pathway PE Yr2
Primary Pathway PE Yr3
Primary Pathway PE Yr4
Primary Pathway PE Yr5
Primary Pathway PE Yr6
WSAPC Primary PE map

We use Twinkl Phonics in Key Stage 1.

EYFS: We work with very low numbers in this age phase; all planning is individualised to the pupils and focuses on the immediate presenting need to work towards successful reintegration into the mainstream environment.