Choice for our students is key and in Art we encourage the individual to express themselves creatively in a way that is right for them. Art should be about the individual and their personal creative journey. This choice allows the student to own their work, and gain confidence in developing their drawings/tracings into refined outcomes. Students who struggle with observation drawing are shown other ways of working, so that they can succeed in this subject. During this personal journey individuals can reach their desired outcome as there are so many ways to produce Art. This allows all of them to feel proud of their artistic creations. Students gain a visual understanding of their style and were their strengths lie. Creating Art and allowing students to express themselves, allows them to see there is more than one answer and this helps to build confidence. There has been proven research that shows that Art can improve academic achievement – attitudes, social skills, critical and creative thinking, and independence. We make Art enjoyable, relaxing and a chance for students to be creative!


Our strength as a multi-disciplinary Team is to adapt to our student’s needs. We do this by pooling together our resources, techniques, and our considerable knowledge of appealing artists, to support them in developing work, that they are proud of. The presentations and resources used to hook previously disengaged students, are visually rich and written information is chunked into bite sized pieces, for ease of digestion. How to Worksheets? show instructions with step-by-step information and visuals, these allow for students to work independently and at their own pace. To coax the written annotation and engage the literacy skills of our students, we encourage them with a variety of questions to elicit a well thought out response. These initial ideas are then written up with supportive writing frames, word banks and sentence starters. With smaller class sizes, student led personalised projects and a nurturing arty environment we have been able to change the mindset of reticent students, who see themselves as non-artistic into confident artists.


Students in our care can expect to continue with their Creative GCSE’s even if they have been permanently excluded from mainstream schools. We have successfully supported Photography, Creative Textiles and Applied Art GCSE’s, with students gaining Level 5 and 6’s in their chosen creative discipline. Gifted and talented Year 9 Students who are being reintegrated back to mainstream schools for their Year 10 and 11 education, can gain an Art and Design GCSE, a year early. Short stay students can gain Arts Awards.

Students even if they change APC sites will be working from a specific Curriculum Map for their year group, so that they develop and build confidence in a variety of skills and techniques. All students have a similar artistic experience across the sites. This consistency of teaching and learning has been an important priority and as a team, teachers have contributed with ideas, resources, and presentations to support the Curriculum Maps for each Year group. As a team we now, all use the same Feedback and Assessment sheets which allows us to communicate, celebrate, and set targets for the students to further develop their work. Assessment, standardisation, and moderation of student work has been another priority, and this has been monitored by work sampling and book scrutiny,
and accuracy of marking across sites is more consistent. Recently we have had an injection of new additional equipment and facilities which will make students experience of Art, equitable across the sites. Students artistic experience will be greatly enhanced, enabling students to further develop their work using the ADOBE suite.  SLR cameras, drawing tablets and 3d Printing pens will further enrich their artistic experience. The DT equipment at Burgess Hill offers opportunities to create merchandise for enterprise activities. Art trips up to London, or locally around Brighton have enhanced the students work and helped to build positive relationships and great social occasions.

The Art Team – work across 5 WSAPC sites

Beth Wood – Subject Lead Art and Design Teacher – Lancing/Worthing – KS3 and KS4
Pauline Gaston – Art and Design and Technology Teacher – Burgess Hill – KS3 and KS4
Lisa Bagot – Art and Design Teacher – Crawley – KS3 and KS4
Danielle Smith – Art and Design Teacher – Littlehampton -KS3 and KS4
Lizzie George – Art and Design Teacher – Chalkhill (Hospital)- KS3 and KS4


Curriculum Map Year 7

Curriculum Map Year 8

Year 9 Curriculum Map for 7 AQA Questions 

Curriculum Map Year 10

Curriculum Map Year 11