Our Vision and Ethos

The APC aims to provide a caring and positive environment where all are valued and supported through a personalised curriculum which challenges and inspires individuals to achieve their potential.

Re-engage, Refocus and Reintegrate

Future: Every pupil starts with a “clean slate” at WSAPC. We want our school to focus on the future of our children and to build upon their ambitions and hopes in order to make them a reality.

Opportunities: We endeavour to give our pupils a variety of opportunities to learn about themselves and who they are as a person, to learn about their strengths and skillsets and indeed to learn about their needs so that we can support them to grow as positive individuals and to be ready for moving on from our school

Curriculum: We want to deliver a wide curriculum offer in all of our centres that caters for the pupils development both academically and socially so that they can gain opportunities to further their educational careers in different settings whether it is back at a mainstream school, specialist school or college setting

Us: At WSAPC, we do not have a “them and us”. We have an us! Our staff are dedicated to lead our pupils in an empathetic way in order to guide our pupils to make informed and positive decisions. We are dedicated to work in an environment that promotes inclusion, equality and fairness and encourage our pupils to make positive changes for themselves, for their school community and for society

School: First and foremost, we are a school. We may be a school for a short period of time as our pupils transition from one key stage to another or when they are considering different educational settings, but nevertheless we are a school. This means we expect our pupils to learn and respect each other at all times and to thrive in our community.