The curriculum lead for Science is Sue McMeeking

Science Department Intent Statement

The study of science in schools is vital to understanding the living and technological world we live in, the impact of scientific inventions and innovations, and the importance of scientific evidence in guiding our everyday lives.

At WSAPC, the science curriculum is designed to tie into student interests and future aspirations through breadth and balance. We aim to establish a firm foundation in science by teaching and developing core concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics addressing any gaps in student understanding. We prepare students to sit GCSE science in Year 11 whether they return to mainstream schools or remain with us. We explore potential careers with students to show them where their study of science may take them.

We adopt a ‘working scientifically’ approach to solving problems and making informed decisions about key scientific issues and current technologies. Carried out with due regard for health and safety, practical work carried out in excellent laboratories and outdoors, helps students develop key investigative skills and generates interest and enthusiasm.

Learning Pathway KS3 Science

Learning Pathway KS4 Science

Medical Learning Pathway Science