WSAPC are working towards gaining The Rainbow Flag Award that recognises the excellent work and effort all centres are making to ensure we offer a safe and inclusive environment for all within our community – students, staff and families as well as other professional groups we work with. We are working with Allsorts Brighton and you might be interested in looking at their website. There you can find information and further links to support.

WSAPC LGBT+ focus week is at the start of May and all students will have the opportunity to talk about the issues and questions raised surrounding LGBT+. Subject and tutor group sessions will offer an opportunity to explore thoughts and ideas around the subject alongside the work they are doing.

We intend that our working on the Rainbow Flag Award will give all students the opportunity to think about their broader community and the diversity of the society in which they live, teaching them key life skills of tolerance, acceptance and respect for one another. It will also give opportunity for any student wishing to access further support via LGBT+ mentors in APC.

We look forward to celebrating this achievement later this academic year.