Dear WSAPC community members,

On Friday we end another successful year at “APC”. A record number of pupils have come into our college for a variety of needs and to move ahead with their personal educational journey.

As you have seen with previous letters and correspondences, we will be opening the newly refurbished Flintstone centre in September and relocating Key stage 3 and 4 pupils and their staff from Chichester APC to the Littlehampton site.

I am convinced that the new centre will offer more opportunities for your child to learn in a more appropriate setting. At “APC” we will always look to improve on our existing buildings, curriculum offer and learning opportunities in the fast changing world of Alternative Provision.

Our focus next year will be to improve our overall attendance at school. This will be done by focussing some of our resources in recruiting Attendance Officers in order to assist our centres in making sure that your child has the best opportunities to learn by being present each day at their respective centres.

I am convinced that, if we can improve attendance in partnership, we will improve your child’s results and future opportunities. We cannot do this alone, and we will need your support and effort to ensure that your child attends each day, that you support them in making right choices in school and outside of school and to be ready to learn.

Wishing you all a lovely summer and let’s hope that the good weather continues!

Warm regards

Doug Thomas