Dear WSAPC community members

I am very pleased to say that our Year 11 exams were completed with great success by our Year 11 pupils.  Our pupils put in a great effort in order to achieve their qualifications and we wish them every success with their education further afield.  Many thanks to the exams team and centre teams in organising the smooth running of the exams.  This is no mean feat in a complex school with various centres, and the needs for all the pupils were met.

I would also like to thank all pupils and staff for the hard work this year and their efforts in creating so many events and opportunities for the wider community to come in and see what APC is all about. It is so pleasing that pupils are keen to show the college in such a positive way and, although some pupils are here for only a short time, the buy-in into the school’s ethos and vision was there for all to see this year.

There have been other exciting things happening at WSAPC with regards to our curriculum offer. For example horticulture, boxing and hair & beauty projects have been met positively by our cohort of pupils and has started engaging them into thinking that education can be a fun learning experience.

We have also recently launched a project with the University of Portsmouth for our Lancing and Worthing centres, which supports parent/carer partnerships with schools and also establishes pupil and parent voice as a key aspect to improving a child’s experience in education.

All of the above mentioned  wouldn’t have happened without the team that makes this college run so effectively.  The business team and support teams do a tremendous job in keeping our college running smoothly and efficiently.  Thanking you for your dedication and support.

Lastly, I would like to say that, if your child is returning to WSAPC after the summer break,  please be prepared to hit the ground running with all the exciting opportunities for learning that are available for them, and be prepared to work on the things needed to move your child on to a successful future.  In the last few weeks this side of summer, I will expect to see excellent efforts put into your individual targets and that my staff will ensure you keep a high level of expectation going into the summer break.

Have a great holiday all and above everything else, be safe.


Doug Thomas
Head Teacher